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Feathering The Nest...

Thursday Mar 01, 2012

Feathering The Nest...

Wow! Firstly, many apologies for not updating here for a goodly while: life is hectic to say the least and home baking has been well and truly replaced with home MAKING. Or decorating. Some would call it nesting but I think the reality is not quite so romantic: it's simply that I'm guessing from watching my friends who have small people, that there's pretty much zero time (at least for the first few years) to be doing things like painting rooms, so I thought I'd better get to it (or more to the point, get my family and boyfriend to it!) before the Ickle Pickle arrives!

The result is that Cawood World has been in flux a little. And of course, as with all things, the best laid plans are oft guaranteed to go a bit tits up. Which they did. Our plan on Sunday to assemble a cot bed and put some shelves and new towel rails up in the bathroom were well and truly thwarted by a broken cot bed part and a flimsy stud partition and heavy floating shelves that probably would have fallen down in minutes. Bugger. I will have to rethink the storage in the bathroom. The reason I want to get more storage in there anyway is because I don't want kids bath toys all over the place. I don't want one of those toy net thingumajigs suckered onto the side of the bleedin' bath ruining my bath time zen. Some spaces are sacred and my bathroom is one of them. Small child can have toys, but they will be stored in a drawer, thanks.

Anyway, all this DIY and decorating inspired me to get in touch with my old chum Phil Turner off'ff the telly (he's married to Katie Price's luverly make up artist Gary Cockerill and is a builder, carpenter and property developer extraordinaire!). I've known Phil for donkeys years: he redecorated the bedroom in my first ever flat for a make over piece for Fabulous magazine and did a mighty fine job too and we've stayed in touch ever since. Anyway, check out his AMAZEBALLS DIY and painting tips in Daily Tips.

My Pa and Step Ma came and redecorated our main bedroom and I've put all the "work in progress" and "finished article" pics below. Dunno about you lot but my FAVOURITE bit about all those makeover and property shows is always at the end when you get to see the before and after shots. I'd love a TV show that essentially comprised of an hour of that instead of all the fill (talking house prices, seeing plastering being done etc).

On the last evening of their stay, I took my Step Mama to a fancy OK! party. OK! TV collared me and you can see the interview here. The Daily Mail Online ran a lovely piece on my not so Ickle Pickle Bump the next day and you can see that here.

Not much more to add really. Next up on the DIY agenda is wall mounting a flat screen in the nursery/office/spare room, re-attempting to put up towel rails in the bathroom and refreshing the paintwork in there, getting the new cotbed part and assembling that and getting new sofa bed (thank you Mama! VERY generous gift) delivered and in situ in nursery/office/spare room. So, Ickle Pickle, you stay right where you are because we really aren't ready for you yet!

I'm having a baby shower on Sunday so will be blogging about that next week. Hoping the baby content here on this blog isn't too much:-/. If, however, it's NOT ENOUGH (!) then head over to Help! Where's The Manual? for preggy ramblings.

For now, Ciaozers!

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