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If Music Be The FOOD Of Love.....

Tuesday May 08, 2012

If Music Be The FOOD Of Love.....

Firstly, let me ask a few questions about how you cook. Do you watch TV in the kitchen or switch on the radio? I bet a massive proportion of you listen to music. I know I do to create a kitchen mood. At Christmas, my favourite thing is to pop a festive CD on and bake and make my cakes, jams and chutneys. It just enhances the whole process, n'est ce pas?

Well, those clever Lurpak peeps obviously feel the same way, because they've come up with an incredible online cooking tool: Foodbeats. Basically, Foodbeats asks you 3 questions: What dish are you cooking? What type of cuisine is it? EG. British, Italian, Mexican, Indian. And how long are you cooking for?

You then press play and voila, songs to suit the mood and style of your dish begin streaming.

Well, I don't know about you, but I think that's bloody clever! AND you don't create or choose from a playlist, the tool streams music based on your food choices so you never know what's coming up next: F.U.N!

I love a new toy to play with, so I got stuck right in last night. The laptop came into the kitchen with me as I cooked my Andy's favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese. Within seconds, Foodbeats started streaming some great tunes.

Well, WHAT fun! It's lovely to see how your dish is taking shape, but it's even lovelier to THROW some shapes at the same time (which I did, OBVS) and what I liked best is that you just don't know what aural delights Foodbeats is going to throw in the mix next. I got some Ella Fitzgerald, followed by a curveball of Nat King Cole which was a lovely surprise, and there was even some Frank Sinatra somewhere in there.

As if that wasn’t enough it also suggested some really delicious sounding accompaniment dishes to serve alongside my spag bol.

Has anyone else used the site? What did you cook and which artists did it play?


You TOTES have to check it out at


Let me know how you get on!

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