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Valentine's Cake Disaster!

Monday Feb 13, 2012

Valentine's Cake Disaster!

This is just a quick blog entry because I didn't want anyone to waste an evening making the heart shaped cake for their loved one tomorrow... DON'T DO IT!! It's a bit pants! Or at least if you do, make the cake and icing from a different recipe. The idea of presenting a cake in a heart shaped tin is really cute and I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for a tin like the one in the pics but something was off about the recipe. For starters I had to double up the ingredients as the ones on the recipe seem REALLY small. But I did have a relatively large cake tin but still.... Anyway, the finished cake wasn't very light, in fact it had more of a "torte" texture. Plus because I had spread the mixture out in my largish tin (10"/ 11") it was very thin. The icing was a bit bitter also. So all in all, a bit of a disaster. I'm gutted. Most of ours went in the compost caddy. I've looked online and found this one that looks DELISH: and has had great reviews, so maybe try it and use the original recipe as a way of presenting it to your valentine:-). I hope no one tried to make it too;).

Boo to trial and error! Oh and in case you're interested, lovely Mel Rainbow found the recipe on a Groupon website so totes not her recipe! Or her fault!

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